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Nov 28, 2017

The two moms fire up a Ford Focus to explore these Motor City suburbs, and the candidates stepping up to replace the retiring "Foreclosure King".

Nov 21, 2017

Nick Penniman and his team at Issue One are fighting money in politics and they are finding allies in places that might surprise you.

Nov 14, 2017

Emily believes the men and women who have served this country in the most selfless ways could be the next generation of statesmen; sometimes they just need a little convincing.

Nov 6, 2017

The two moms travel to New Jersey, where they visit George Washington's winter headquarters, meet the candidates who are challenging a powerful incumbent, and the citizen activists who are changing the conversation about politics.

Nov 2, 2017

Nicie & Heather introduce themselves, describe the genesis of the MidPod and share their personal motivations for dropping everything to help fix Congress.